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ClearSign Combustion Corporation designs and develops technologies that aim to improve key performance characteristics of combustion systems including energy efficiency, emissions control, and fuel flexibility and overall cost effectiveness Our primary technologies include our Electrodynamic Combustion Control™ (ECC™) and Duplex™ platform technologies that improve control of flame shape and heat transfer and optimizes the complex chemical reactions that occur during combustion in order to minimize harmful emissions.

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  1. May 18 2017 ClearSign Combustion Corporation to Conduct Pilot Test with Chinese Heating Group
  2. May 11 2017 ClearSign Combustion Corporation Announces First Quarter 2017 Results
  3. Apr 26 2017 ClearSign Combustion Corporation First Quarter 2017 Conference Call Announcement
  4. Apr 20 2017 ClearSign's Initial Installation Assessment Completed by Aera Energy