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Endonovo Therapeutics, Inc. is an innovative biotechnology company developing bioelectronic devices and therapies for regenerative medicine. Endonovo's Immunotronics™ platform is a non-invasive, non-implantable bioelectronic device for treating/preventing vital organ failure through the reduction of inflammation, cell death and the promotion of regeneration. Endonovo's Cytotronics™ platform provides for a method of expanding and manipulating cells using simulated microgravity and Time-Varying Electromagnetic Fields (TVEMF) for tissue engineering and cell therapies. The Company's initial concentration is on the treatment of acute and chronic inflammatory conditions of the liver using its proprietary Immunotronics™ platform.

Client News

  1. Jan 11 2019 Endonovo Therapeutics Issues Shareholder Letter and Update
  2. Jan 3 2019 Endonovo Therapeutics Enters into $10 million Common Stock Purchase Agreement with Azure Capital
  3. Dec 18 2018 Endonovo Therapeutics Announces Receipt of Notice of Allowance from the United States Patent and Trademark Office
  4. Dec 13 2018 Endonovo Expands SofPulse Commercialization
  5. Dec 3 2018 Endonovo Therapeutics Announces Strategic Relationship with US Authentic Trading Company