Bion Environmental Technologies Inc.

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Company Overview

Established in 1990, Bion’s unique next-generation technology provides comprehensive treatment and refining of livestock waste from large-scale dairy, poultry, beef and swine production facilities. Bion systems largely eliminate excess nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus), which have been identified by US EPA as one of the greatest water quality problems in the U.S. today; as well as ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions; and pathogens in the waste stream. Nutrients and renewable energy are recovered in the form of valuable by-products, providing substantially improved resource and operational efficiencies. For more information, please visit

Client News

  1. Apr 10 2019 Bion Announces Positive Results from 3G Simulation and Testing
  2. Jan 29 2019 Bion Files for International Patent on Process to Remediate Livestock Waste/ Produce Organic Fertilizer
  3. Dec 6 2018 Bion Issues 2018 Year-End Update and 2019 Outlook
  4. Jul 26 2018 Bion Receives Patent Notice of Allowance on Process to Recover Ammonium Bicarbonate from Wastewater