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Company Overview

Diego Pellicer Worldwide Inc. is a real estate and a consumer retail development company that is focused on developing Diego Pellicer as the world’s first “premium” marijuana brand by adhering to the highest quality and standards for its facilities along with both cannabis and non-cannabis products. The company’s initial focus is to acquire and develop legally compliant real estate locations for the purposes of leasing them to state licensed companies in the cannabis industry. Diego does not grow or sell marijuana or marijuana infused products in the early stages of the plan.

Client News

  1. Jan 15 2019 Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc. CEO Featured For His Cannabis Expertise By National Business Media
  2. Dec 10 2018 Diego Pellicer - Colorado Announces Second Record-Breaking Sales Year on the Heels of Two National Cannabis Business Awards
  3. Dec 6 2018 Diego Pellicer Receives National Honors for the "Most Valuable Brand of the Year" and the "Best Retail Center" at the 2018 National Cannabis Business Awards
  4. Oct 31 2018 Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc. Announces Temporary Stock Symbol, DPWWD
  5. Oct 3 2018 Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc. Evolves Business Model For Cannabis Market