Immudyne, Inc.

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lmmudyne, Inc. (OTCQB: IMMD) develops, manufactures, and commercializes innovative health and wellness products that address large unmet needs in the marketplace. We focus on superior, scientifically supported consumer products and unparalleled branding & marketing.

Client News

  1. Jun 1 2018 Immudyne Acquires 51% of PDFSimpli With Proceeds From Direct Institutional Investment
  2. May 15 2018 Immudyne Announces Strong Quarterly Revenue Growth and Provides Update on Shapiro MD
  3. Mar 28 2018 ImmuDyne Signs Exclusive License Agreement for Clinically-Backed Solar Purpura Product
  4. Mar 19 2018 Immudyne Announces Launch of INR Wellness Immune Support Product Line
  5. Dec 5 2017 ImmuDyne Announces Appointment of Amilya Antonetti as Chief Digital Strategist