AzurRx BioPharma, Inc.

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AzurRx BioPharma, Inc. (NASDAQ:AZRX) is engaged in the research and development of non-systemic biologics for the treatment of patients with gastrointestinal disorders. MS1819 recombinant lipase for exocrine pancreatic insufficiency is the company's lead development program, and additional early stage research is being conducted for the prevention of hospital-acquired infections.

Client News

  1. Sep 21 2021 AzurRx BioPharma to Change Corporate Name to First Wave BioPharma Today
  2. Sep 14 2021 AzurRx BioPharma CEO Issues Letter to Shareholders Regarding Recent Acquisition of First Wave Bio and Creation of First Wave BioPharma
  3. Sep 13 2021 AzurRx BioPharma Announces Acquisition of First Wave Bio and its Proprietary Niclosamide Formulations Targeting Multi-Billion Dollar Inflammatory Bowel Disease Indications
  4. Sep 10 2021 AzurRx BioPharma Announces Reverse Stock Split