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Luokung Technology Corp., through its subsidiaries, provides location-based services and mobile application products for long distance travelers in the People's Republic of China. It offers Luokuang mobile application, a content and service distribution platform that provides content and services, such as information, entertainment, travel, e-commerce, online to offline, advertisement, and other marketing features. The company also offers software development kits and application-programming interfaces, which provide spatial-temporal big data analysis and customized map to software and mobile application developers; and spatial temporal indexing cloud service, a data-level virtualization technology. In addition, it offers information SuperEngine that includes the server engine, which enables to store, manage, and index the spatial temporal big data on the server side; and Web graphics image engine that supports transmission of graphics images, as well as display and edge computing for multi-terminal and cross-platform. Further, the company provides spatial temporal cloud platform that offers cloud services, including data storage, data resource, and platform support services, as well as supports users to aggregate multi-source spatial data, map services, and Internet of Things streaming data. Luokung Technology Corp. has a strategic partnership with Jiangsu Dianyu Information Technology Co., Ltd. to expand mobile commercial big data services in the 5G era. Luokung Technology Corp. is headquartered in Beijing, China.

Client News

  1. Jan 10 2023 Luokung Receives Nasdaq Listing Determination Company to Request Hearing
  2. Dec 28 2022 Luokung Launches "Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality" Data Service with More than US$70 Million in Forecasted Revenue
  3. Dec 27 2022 Luokung Announces Financial Results for First Half 2022, Reports Record Revenues of Approximately $62.8 Million for the Period
  4. Sep 29 2022 Luokung Affiliate eMapgo has been Certified as Service Provider of the First Intelligent Transportation Pilot Applications Projects by Ministry of Transport of China