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Company Overview

Ideanomics, Inc. focuses on monetizing the adoption of commercial electric vehicles, associated energy consumption, and developing financial services and Fintech products. Its Mobile Energy Global division provides financial services and incentives for commercial fleet operators, including group purchasing discounts and battery buy-back programs. This division also offers solutions for the procurement, financing, charging, and energy management needs for fleet operators of commercial electric vehicles. The company's Ideanomics Capital division provides financial services solutions. This division is involved in the areas of capital markets, such as financial products advisory and creation, with specific focus on the application of blockchain and artificial intelligence in financial technology. This division also operates EKAR, an exchange traded fund that tracks the Innovation Labs Next Generation Vehicles Index, which comprises of global stocks that have exposure to the theme of electric and self driving/autonomous vehicles. The company was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in New York, New York with office in Beijing, China.

Client News

  1. Jan 26 2023 Ideanomics completes the acquisition of VIA Motors, targets the fast-growing commercial EV delivery sector
  2. Jan 19 2023 Ideanomics subsidiary Energica Motor Company achieves a 52% increase in global unit sales in 2022 vs. 2021
  3. Dec 20 2022 Ideanomics' Subsidiary U.S. Hybrid Expands Partnership with Toyota Tsusho America, Inc. to Convert Existing Diesel Port Vehicles and Equipment to Hydrogen-Powered
  4. Dec 12 2022 Ideanomics subsidiary Energica strengthens its position in the ASEAN region with entry into high-value Japanese, Australian markets