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Company Overview

IGC, Inc is a biopharmaceutical company that engages in discovering, developing, and patenting the cannabinoid process and compound that is looking to be used in medicines. The company operates in three segments: First, is the Pharmaceutical division that focuses on the creation of cannabinoid therapeutics and Development, and a Pipeline of patented portfolio of Cannabinoid derived drugs. The second, is the construction of state of the art facilities that can be used for growing cannabis (cell tower model). And lastly, the recent acquisition of a New York based broker dealer, Midtown Partners, LLC that will hold conferences, write research reports and provide legal cannabis investment banking services. IGC, Inc is driving to be the world leader through its patent portfolio in development of plant-derived cannabinoid therapeutics that targets a broad range of diseaseÕs and dysfunctions.

Client News

  1. Jun 26 2018 New Semester of September 2018 to Start at Incheon Global Campus (IGC), the Best Global Education Hub in Northeast Asia