Our Firm


John Exley


John R Exley III has been in the financial industry for the last 25 years. During that time, Mr. Exley was the owner of multiple OSJ's for different regional Broker-Dealers. He was responsible for training the sales force and he was the number one producing representative out of 690 Brokers for 9 out of the last 11 years as a registered Representative. When starting Acorn Management Partners, he realized the inability of most Investor Relations Companies to execute their duties mainly because of the basic lack of understanding of the Financial Markets (Global, Institutional, Broker-Dealers and Registered Reps) and the seeming disregard of the current shareholder base. Mr. Exley put together a team of professionals with extensive market knowledge and contacts around the world who clearly understand the goal of building a public market and how to achieve that goal through series 7 financial professionals. John and his team have created a new paradigm, "Professional Relations".

Gregory Lowe


As President of Acorn Management Partners in Alpharetta Georgia, Gregory S. Lowe has worked in the financial sector for the last 27 years and as a license financial advisor and Senior Vice-President within the brokerage industry for over 17 years. Gregory has developed and managed Private Client Services as well as handled Institutional accounts for several regional firms. Gregory has been the President of Acorn Management Partners since 2008. 

Austin Gilbert

Chief Sales Officer

Austin L. Gilbert currently serves as our Chief Sales Officer (“CSO”) and Institutional Division Lead at Acorn Management Partners, LLC in Alpharetta, GA.  As CSO and Institutional Lead, Mr. Gilbert oversees all business process activities related to the retail and institutional segments of our business and presently manages and oversees a team of 18 Project Managers and Account Executives.  With Business operations in both Alpharetta, Ga and Sarasota, FL, He currently manages client accounts for all NASDAQ, NYSE and ETF companies and funds under the Acorn Management Partners business umbrella. Austin has been with the company since 2012.

Prior to his role as CSO and Institutional lead, He served as the Director of Projects.

Austin is a graduate of the University of Kentucky- Gatton College of Business & Economics. There, he became a Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics.

Shelby Exley

Director Of Business Development

Shelby Exley represents Acorn Management Partners as our Director of Business Development. Since joining Acorn Management Partners in 2008 she has facilitated the acquisition of clients and represented Acorn Management Partners at various conferences. 

Mark Pitman

Business Development Officer

Mark Pitman serves as our business development officer with 20-plus years of experience in the financial services industry. Throughout Mark’s career, he has focused on concentrated equity positions as risk management for high-net-worth clients. Mark participated in top private placements, REITs, ETF’s, Spac’s and IPO’s. Mark has helped grow a 5–10-man office training young brokers while growing the firm into a National Broker-Dealer with over 700 brokers. Mark carried multiple Broker of The Year awards before joining Acorn Management Partners.

John Exley IV

Director of Corporate Communications

John Exley IV Currently serves as the Director of Corporate Communications at Acorn Management Partners, LLC in Sarasota, FL. Mr. Exley IV oversees the online presence of Acorn Management Partners, LLC.