Professional Relations

Professional Relations

What is Professional Relations?

The creation of a synergistic relationship between public companies and financial professionals to introduce promising emerging companies with real potential to long-term investors; therefore, steadily increasing the shareholder base and establishing a truly sustainable market.

The Acorn Management Approach 

Acorn Management Partners (AMP) is a pioneer in the Professional Relations business and focuses on small and micro-cap companies in today’s evolving markets. The companies it represents must have quality management, true potential and a key catalyst or competitive advantage to validate the investment opportunity and increase the likelihood of the successful execution of its business model over time. These high standards have given AMP a great reputation amongst financial professionals and the ability to expand a company’s market exposure to financial professionals through its proprietary platform.

AMP builds long-term sustainable results by working through its vast database of registered financial professionals, stock brokers, and family offices as well as small fund managers and institutions by identifying the ones that believe in a company, understand the company and want to participate in the success of that company. AMP uses a systematic 10-step methodology that keeps the financial professionals engaged in the progress of the company. In other words, as financial professionals see the successful execution of a company's business model they typically want to stay the course and continue to participate in the potential upside of the equity.

The Facts

The AMP process has consistently delivered an increase in the number of shareholders, market capitalization, as well as the company’s funding opportunities and institutional ownership. See for yourself by reviewing clients and case studies.

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