ENDRA Life Sciences Inc.

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Company Overview

ENDRA Life Sciences Inc. develops technology for clinical diagnostic ultrasound. The company develops thermo-acoustic enhanced ultrasound technology that transmits sound waves, which bounce off tissues, organs, and blood for the treatment of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, as well as temperature monitoring of thermoablative surgery, vascular imaging, and tissue perfusion. It also offers diagnostic imaging technologies, such as computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and ultrasound that allow physicians to look inside a person's body to guide treatment or gather information about medical conditions, such as broken bones, cancers, signs of heart disease, or internal bleeding. The company has a collaborative research agreement with General Electric Company. ENDRA Life Sciences Inc. was incorporated in 2007 and is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Client News

  1. Mar 2 2021 ENDRA Life Sciences to Participate in Two Upcoming Investment Conferences
  2. Feb 17 2021 ENDRA Life Sciences Announces New Clinical Study Partnership with Inselspital University Hospital in Bern, Switzerland
  3. Jan 26 2021 ENDRA Life Sciences Further Strengthens TAEUS(R) System Intellectual Property Protection with Issuance of 14th U.S. Patent
  4. Jan 13 2021 ENDRA Life Sciences Granted 13th U.S. Patent for its TAEUS(R) Platform Technology