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Founded in 2007, Tampa-based MagneGas Corporation is the producer of MagneGas™, a natural gas alternative and metal cutting fuel made from liquid waste. The Company’s patented Plasma Arc Flow™ process gasifies liquid waste, creating a clean burning fuel that is essentially interchangeable with natural gas, but with lower green house gas emissions. MagneGas™ can be used for metal cutting, cooking, heating or powering bi fuel automobiles. MagneGas Corporation is helping to remove critical threats to our environment, power our lives and provide investors a "green" investment opportunity.

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  1. Jul 11 2018 MagneGas Generates $3.0 million in Q2 Sales
  2. Jul 3 2018 MagneGas Launches United Kingdom Operations, Provides Update on $7.2 Million LIFE Grant in Germany
  3. Jun 28 2018 MagneGas Completes $556,000 Financing
  4. Jun 19 2018 MagneGas Announces Board Reconstitution